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Dr.  Deborah Hickling Gordon is the principal consultant at DHG Consults,  a culture-in-development  firm  focused on cultural economy growth to engender sustainable  development in nations of the Global South.

Situated in the Caribbean, DHG Consults implements cultural economy based projects with culture, media, and development at their core.  Our core functions include:

  • Cultural Economy Research
  • Cultural Economy Strategy and Planning
  • Cultural Economy Policy
  • Cultural and creative content development, production and distribution
    • Audiovisual (drama, documentaries, magazines)
    • Print (books, newsletters, magazines)
    • Web (Websites, social media podcasts)
    • Speechwriting
  • Cultural Economy Advocacy and Representation
  • Media, Culture and Communication Training and
  • Public Sharing (lectures, keynotes, panels, seminars, workshops, webinars)

Project Pictorial:

Bangkok, Thailand, February 2019

UNESCO Experts Facility Meeting, Cultural Economy.

Nassau Bahamas 2018

Caribbean Tourism Association Conference

Accra, Ghana, 2017

Pan African Conference and Data Gathering for #decolonization2point0

Johannesburg, South Africa, May 2017

South Africa Cultural Conservatory Conference

Haiti, 2016


China, 2013

Accra 2008



Belize City, 2019

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