Guilty Pleasures: The Strategic Guilt Trip

    Two weeks ago when this story discussed in this Gleaner article by Gordon Robinson  “The Press needs to get over itself” broke I transcribed the clip of the PM’s speech and took it and the PAJ’s statement to a graduate class for a discussion on meaning-making and epistemology. I had the same visceralContinue reading “Guilty Pleasures: The Strategic Guilt Trip”

Cultures of Expedience: Corruption, Crime and Craven in Jamaican Cultural and Creative Industries

Excerpt of a presentation to the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, Sept 26, 2019 It was a pleasure to speak at the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce 18TH Annual Customs Seminar.   I was asked to speak on corruption in Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) – an unusual topic I thought.  I was a little reluctant and reticent becauseContinue reading “Cultures of Expedience: Corruption, Crime and Craven in Jamaican Cultural and Creative Industries”

Financial Inclusion, More Chit Chat?

The case for Creative Literacy for Financiers Financial Inclusion is the current growth strategy ‘flavor of the month’ all over the world.  A colleague at United Nations Trade and Development (UNCTAD) headquarters in Switzerland indicated to me last week that “this has been the topic du jour around here”.  Across the world, in keeping withContinue reading “Financial Inclusion, More Chit Chat?”

Five into Four = Naught:

“We are sorry…”. The words from the bank man on the television set fell flat on the dining table where the single tin of sardines sat. Three glum faces sought to determine how to share in the wonders that lay beyond the tin, grateful for the heaps of steaming white rice laid out in threeContinue reading “Five into Four = Naught:”

What if I am not an entrepreneur?

The Jamaica Business Development Centre yesterday staged an Orange Economy Expo on Monetizing the Orange Economy.  It moved many areas of cultural and creative industries thought forward in Jamaica.  One of them was the encouragement of creative practitioners to take on ‘entrepreneurial thinking’.  It started a new round of discussions. Entrepreneur: a person who setsContinue reading “What if I am not an entrepreneur?”