DHG’s Projects

Dr. Deborah Hickling Gordon’s specialist Cultural Economy interests are

  1. Decent Work and Financial Inclusion for creatives,
  2. Culture, media and behavior change.
  3. Audio-visual sectors & Public Service Broadcasting in the Global South (Decolonization2.0)

The following are among the consulting projects and programmes she has designed and offered,  as well as current and past projects delivered through DHG Consults and Ink and Vision Ltd.



Dr. Hickling is primarily focussed on two strategies for cultural and creative economy development in the global south focus on institutional strengthening and education training, certification and standardization of skills.  Her focus is on reconvening dormant professional organizations with a view to strengthening the base of the cultural economy in developing countries.  She is presently working with two organizations with a view to contributing to their revival.  They are the Jamaican Chapter of Women in Film and Television International and The Public Relations Society of Jamaica.

Ink and Vision Ltd.  Facilitates a number of programmes and projects in which Dr. Hickling is involved.


Businesses often have challenges with members of their  management teams or employees who unwittingly undermine the vision and achievable targets of the organization.  Using  cultural therapy methodologies, Psychotherapy Associates Ltd and Ink and Vision Ltd  help organizations to develop a more cohesive team that works efficiently in the achievement of organizational goals.pal logo full The intervention addresses  disconnects between the organization’s vision and employee commitment to achieving this vision through the process of addressing historical experiences that continue to impact employees and manager.  These experiences are the ‘mental slavery’ that fetters their ability to progress in the present and future.

PAL trains people within organizations to ‘think differently’ unlocking the creative potential presently hindered by mind blocks held by employees, and energizing them to improve business objectives. changing minds


As part of this she developed a FINANCIAL INCLUSION PROGRAMME  which includes a special project, ACCOUNTING FOR CREATIVES which designs brings small, and medium creative firms to financial compliance.  Through her research, Deborah took note that many creative professionals  to place  their emphasis on their creative disciplines over business concerns. As a result, many ignore or downplay the importance of business practices. Where they can, they welcome the opportunity to outsource their business processes to individuals that they can trust wAccounting Packages (1)ith their  businesses. Deborah designed a unique bridging programme to bring creative professionals and accounting teams together to facilitate their accounting needs.  The programme is implemented through I+V and Affinity Business Services Ltd.

Deborah has developed the concept for regional implementation by forging a strategic partnership  between I+V, Affinity Business Services Ltd (Ja and Canada) and Misha Lobban Consulting (Barbados).

Additionally she developed a CREATIVE LITERACY programme for financiers.  Information, policy and stability are required by financial institutions to support their financial inclusion strategies for the growing cultural and creative industries.  A senior financial executive indicated that “there is not enough awareness or knowledge of how the cultural and creative  industries are developing, blocking the flow of capital to the industry”. Financiers want to know “how are businesses within the industry are creating value, and how different firms are organizing themselves to grow and expand as they are largely viewed as informal) By extension, the awareness around the projected impact on the GDP is not widely known and reinforcement around the value to the economy is not in the mainstream. As such related organizations are not readying themselves for the opportunity”.  

There are several other nuances to consider when thinking of cultural and creative industries and financial inclusion.  According to my financial sector source, even in light of the proposed reforms, “most financial institutions are conservative given that they have to safeguard depositors’ funds. As such the modus operandi will not be taking the risk of taking a risk. The opportunity has to be understood and the size of the prize assessed”.  These issues are factored into the CREATIVE LITERACY FOR FINANCIERS programme.

Understanding is the operative word.  Bridging the gaps through financial and creative literacy for growth and development is DHG’s objective.


Deborah’s personal consulting interest is based on her adoption of the philosophy of ‘E.T.R.E’.  ETRE is the French super verb for ‘to be’.   For Deborah this philosophy embodies Engagement, Transformation, Resilience building and Empowerment.  Deborah  has twinned E.T.R.E. with her extensive experience in VIP logistics,  and has  developed a ‘strategic positioning’  programme for executives and professionals.

The confidential ETRE programme combines strategic executive support with content development and promotional techniques; to globally support, position and where necessary, re-reposition high-level professionals and optimise their public image through confidential service delivery.


Dr. Hickling applies a unique methodology to the assessment and development of culturally specific cultural and creative economy policy for countries of the global South by analyzing the trajectory-of-transition of cultural and creative sub-sectors in that country in relation to global political-economy indicators.


Dr. Hickling Gordon’s research, advocacy and development consulting focuses on the political economy of media, culture and linked sectors in the Global South.

Deborah Presents

Dr. Hickling’s projects span creative, policy, academic and business applications.  Her current research projects include:


Deborah has joined forces with two creative economy scholars, Dr. Shelley Morgan and Dr. Jo-anne Tull  to curate the anthology ‘Caribbean Creative Economy’.  The overarching purpose of this forthcoming publication  is to continue to grow and stimulate Caribbean scholarship on the topic of the region’s Cultural and Creative Industries. It grew of a recognition of the need for a greater Caribbean research on the growth and various perspective on the region’s Cultural and Creative Industries and Economy.   


Dr. Hickling Gordon’s comparative media research examines cultural and creative economy models in the Caribbean and Africa.  In her forthcoming book, Deborah examines changing meanings and practices in television broadcasting and production in Jamaica and Ghana  that are used to examine transitions in structures, processes and policies associated with the adoption of cultural and creative economy concepts. The television industries of both countries were used to illustrate these large, complex concepts. Television in those countries changed from state-owned, public service broadcasting institutions to commercial television industries.  These changes came about as a result of external proposals for structural adjustment in the 1980s, which led to the divestment of public assets including the state-owned television stations.

Deborah Hickling is currently the Convenor of both the Public Relations Society of Jamaica and Women in Film and Television -Jamaica. This is part of an institutional strengthening project that she has initiated as part of her voluntary contribution to cultural economy development.


She has also examined cultural models in Haiti, Cuba and South Africa across heritage tourism and integrated marketing communication sub-sectors of the creative industries.

sotic cropped
State of the Tourism Industry Conference, 2018.  Nassau Bahamas.

Dr.  Hickling has participated in policy development processes for the creative economy of countries of the Global South including:


Participant, Expert Group Meeting on the Music and Film Sectors in Jamaica, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean Subregional Headquarters for the Caribbean,  4 December 2017, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Bartley, Sydney and Deborah Hickling. “National Policy on Culture and Creative Economy 2017 – 2027 (REVISED DRAFT): Toward the Enhancement and Promotion of Brand Jamaica”. Ministry of Gender, Culture, Entertainment and Sport, May, 2017, Kingston, Jamaica.

Participant, Regional Consultations for the establishment of the Caribbean Creative Industries Management Unit (CCIMU) staged by Carib Export 12 April 2016.

Patterson, P.J. “Leveraging CARICOM’s Human, Cultural and Natural Assets for the Economic Development of the Community.” Twenty Sixth Inter-sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community.  20 February 2015, Nassau, Bahamas. Member of the writing team.

Hickling, Deborah A. Desk Review of the Bachelor of Arts Management and Associate of Arts Management Programmes at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts (EMCVPA), 28 December 2015, Kingston, Jamaica.

Hickling, Deborah A. “Creative Jamaica: Creative Economy Policy Framework. Towards an Enabling Environment for the Sustainable Development of Thriving Cultural and Creative Industries.”  Deborah Hickling, Chair, Inter-Ministerial Technical Working Group for the Cultural and Creative Industries, 22 October 2015, Kingston, Jamaica.

Dr. Hickling coordinated the research efforts for the development of the National Business Plan (Flemming) completed for Jamaica in 2016.

Cultural and Creative Industries Consultation in Montego Bay for the National Business Plan for Cultural and Creative Industries, November 2015

Papers and Lectures Presented to Workshops and Training Sessions

Hickling, Deborah A.  “Changing Cultures of Creative Production and Consumption: The Maturation of Caribbean Creative Industries.”  Guest lecture, Introduction to the Study of Culture (CLTR 1001), University of the West Indies, Mona, 12 November 2018,  Kingston, Jamaica.

Hickling, Deborah A. “Plenty Paperwork:  The Producer as Manager of the Audio-visual Cycle of Production.” Guest Lecture, Introduction to Television, Northern Caribbean University, 8 November 2018, Kingston, Jamaica.

Hickling, Deborah A.  “Caribbean Cultural and Creative Industries, Trajectory of Transition.” Guest Lecture, Graduate Colloquium, Caribbean Popular and Creative Culture (CLTR 6230) Institute of Caribbean Studies, University of the West Indies, Mona, 26 March 2018, Kingston, Jamaica

Hickling, Deborah A.  “Culture and the State: Principles of Government Policy for Cultural and Creative Industries”, Guest Lecture, Graduate Colloquium, Caribbean Popular and Creative Culture (CLTR 6230) Institute of Caribbean Studies, University of the West Indies, Mona, 19 March 2018, Kingston, Jamaica..

Hickling, Deborah A. “Valuing Creative Work:  A New Outlook for Jamaica.” Edna Manley College of the Visual and Creative Arts Seminar, Creative Lives Matter: Developing A Safety Net For Creative Workers,  4 April 2018, Edna Manley College, Kingston, Jamaica.

Hickling, Deborah A. “‘Talk Yuh Talk: Edna 2056 and Beyond.” Annual Celebration, Research in the Arts Day Seminar, Impact, Reflections and Projections, 22 February, 2017, Kingston, Jamaica.

Hickling, Deborah A.  “How to Write a Literature Review”, Facilitator, one-day seminar for Mona School of Business and Management DBA Candidates. 10 & 17 June, 2017.  Kingston,Jamaica.

Hickling, Deborah. “Situation Analysis on the Jamaican Cultural and Creative Industries”. National Cultural and Creative Industries Commission (NCCIC). Office of the Prime Minister,  25 March 2014, Kingston, Jamaica

Hickling, Deborah. “Policy Development for the Jamaican Creative Economy.” National Cultural and Creative Industries Commission, Office of the Prime Minister: 21 October 2014, Kingston, Jamaica.

Hickling, Deborah A. “Strategic Direction of Cultural and Creative Industries in Jamaica and the  work of the National Cultural and Creative Industries Commission.” Presented to the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports Entertainment Advisory Board Retreat; September 2016, Kingston, Jamaica .


Mske your mark.jpg
Presenting “Reforming Your Identity Through Masterful Presentations”,  Make your Mark Middle Managers Conference, April 2018

As Director of Operations in the Office of the Prime Minister, Dr Hickling was the Logistical Lead and Liaison from Prime Minister’s Support Unit for State/Official/Working Visits – Bilateral, Regional and Multilateral:

    • Prime Minister of Japan, September 2015 
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Hon. David Cameron, September 2015
    • President of the United States, Hon. Barack Obama, April 2015 

    • President of Cuba, Hon. Raul Castro, December 2014
    • Managing Director, International Monetary Fund, Mme Christine Lagarde, June 

    • President Inter-American Development Bank (IDB,) Hon. Louis Moreno, December 

    • Prime Minister of Japan, Hon. Shinzo Abe, November 2013 & July 2014
    • President of China, Hon. Xi Jinpin, August 2013& June 2013 

    • President of Haiti, Hon. Michel Martelly, Nov 2013 

    • President of Nigeria, Hon. Goodluck Jonathan, August 2012 

    • President of South Africa, Hon. Jacob Zuma, August 2012 

    • Prime Minister, Canada, Rt. Hon Stephen Harper, October 2012 

    • President of Brazil, Hon. Luiz Lula, 2006

High Level, International Summit Delegations (2012 – 2016)

    • CARICOM Heads of Government Summit 

    • Summit of the Americas (OAS) 

    • PetroCaribe Summit 

    • Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) 

    • Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)
    • African Union 50th Anniversary 

    • European Union Activities 

    • United Nations General Assembly 

    • Association of Caribbean States 

    • Olympic Games 

Audio-Visual Productions

Broadcast CrewRadio and television titles, scripts, articles and marketing communication collateral – documentaries, news features, programmes, corporate profiles et al.

February 2018 – April 2018 Production /Cultural Consultant – Sesame Street.  Provided cultural diversity advice in programme development of Sesame Street segments for television

November 2017 – April 2018 Executive Producer Musician/bananas, Season 49, Episode, The Big Pretend.  Directed by Asha McPhail, produced by Kathrene Gayle. InkandVision. Sesame Street. Air date 9 February 2019. Segment, Children’s programme for television

August 2017 – May 2018 Executive Producer Fair+Play Children’s Challenge. Produced by Kathrene Gayle, Directed by Asha McPhail, Fleur D’ Lis Films, 2017. Children’s Game Show for television. Co-Executive Producer

August 2017 – May 2018 Executive Producer. Passion for Sport.  Produced by Sandra Rose, Directed by Keino Dawson, Yardrose Productions, 2017.  Sports Magazine programme for Television.  Co-Executive Producer

Producer/Director, Deborah Hickling, Edited by O’Neil Miller. Sylvanhurst Productions, 2010.15 minute film on philosophy and policy initiatives to be undertaken by the incumbent Jamaican Government.

Launch, Public Broadcasting Corporation (PBC).  Director, Brian St Juste, Producer, Deborah Hickling 28 March 2006. Two hour television programme launching the PBCJ to air.  

PJ Patterson: Fulfilling a Legacy of Leadership. Producer/Director, Kirk Buchanan, Scriptwriter, Deborah Hickling, 2006. Official Documentary for television on former Prime Minister, the Most Honourable  P.J. Patterson.

Collaboration in Action: European Union/Ghana at 50 Years. Executive Producer, Akindele Hickling,  Producer/Director, Deborah Hickling. Pilachi Ltd. 2006. Seven minute fiftieth anniversary celebratory film – Ghana and European Union.

Public Service Announcement Series. Producer/Director, Deborah Hickling, CPTC. Short film on HIV stigma.

Biodiversity Audio Visual Campaign. Producer, Kathrene Gayle, Script writer, Deborah Hickling. Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS). Open Door Productions.Public Service announcements, features, soundtrack lyrics for radio.

Jamaican Civic Dialogue Process.  Producer/Director, Deborah Hickling, CPTC. 2 x one hour television programmes. Jamaica Workplace.  Producer/Director, Deborah Hickling, CPTC. Five minute Crime Prevention video documentary for 
Private Sector Organization of Jamaica.

National Commercial Bank/AIS Transformation, Producer/Director, Deborah Hickling,  Cinecom Productions Five minute video infomercial.

Uncensored.  Producer, Deborah Hickling, Hosts, Simone Clarke and Rodney Campbell, FAME FM.Series of one-hour talk shows featuring ‘uncomfortable’, risque topics of public interest, for radio.

Divine Destiny.  Producer/Presenter,  Deborah Hickling, FAME FM. Four hour radio programme, Sunday morning inspirational music programme for radio.

Omnibus. Producer/Director, Deborah Hickling,  MediaMix Ltd.  Half hour documentary series on Jamaican culture and current affairs.

Quality Time.  Producer/Director, Deborah Hickling,  Super Supreme Television.  Half hour magazine programme on Jamaican personalities for television. 2003

National Political Debates.  Producer/Director, Deborah Hickling.  The Debates Commission.  4×120 min live to tape National Economy Forums and Debates for television.

Turning Point. Executive Producer, Elaine Wint, Producer/Director, Deborah Hickling. Series of one hour radio programme encouraging positive behaviour change.

Entertainment Report : Producer/Director, Anthony Miller.  Substitute Producer/Director, Deborah Hickling,  Television Jamaica & Miller Productions.  Half hour magazine programme  Jamaica’s longest running entertainment programme on television



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