DHG Consults

DHG Full Nameis the principal consultant and founder of DHG Consults. The firm develops and manages projects that apply cultural economy and integrated communication strategies to achieve sustainable development goals in countries of the Global South.

Consulting and Research Interests 

DHG Consults research interests in Cultural Economy in the Global South, focus primarily on the Caribbean and Africa as well as other Small States and Small Island Developing States. The consulting  breadth of the firm includes policy development and programme implementation in:

  1. Cultural economy advocacy and policy development

    • Decent Work framework for creatives;
    • Cultural and creative sector liberalization
    • Cultural and creative tourism in developing countries
    • Financial literacy and  financial inclusion for creatives
    • Creative literacy and creative inclusion for Financiers
  2. Cultural Economy and Cultural Studies training and education

  3. Public service broadcasting, integrated marketing communication and media for development.

  4. Transnational media studies and broadcasting histories research is focussed on the global South,


Dr. Hickling Gordon consults privately, speaks at global cultural and creative events and produces and presents audiovisual content for a variety of public and private sector clients globally.  Read more about DHG,

Communication + Culture + Creativity +Commerce

Contact:  dhgconsults@ink.vision

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